BOD  3 February 2018  AP’s Hidden Hideaway, Macon Georgia

Officer's Reports

  1. Wayne O reported that one legislator is against the distracted driving legislation.  Not sure the reason.  He is in Cobb County area, so someone from that area could/should find out his reason.
  2. ChilliDay at the Capitol.   It was a good day.  Second time Wayne had been to the Capitol this session, as it is the second of two, and will be cleaning up what  has been hanging over from last year.
  3. HB 401;  this will go to rules committee.  This one deals with ear buds, in-the-ear speakers, headphones or  headsets.
  4. HB 673:  This is Distracted Driving   This has gone to the subcommittee.  It has the full support of the House and Senate leadership.  3 Senators are in full support of this being totally hands free communication.  Violators will receive 4 points initially, and will face progressively increasing fines.  As it is right now, the Under 18 year old drivers are not allowed to use phones, but over 18 can use 1 swipe on, and 1 swipe off.  Rep Carson is trying to get community service  for violators.   
  5. HB 490:  Lane Filtering. Possibly the wrong representative is carrying the bill.  It has been voted  on 5 times, and has been put into the Judiciary committee ( where bills go to die). 
  6. Pulling motorcycle trailer legislation: It should be in transportation Senator Henson has been contacted because one person who contacted him was pulling a trailer behind his motorcycle in one of the restricted lanes ( HOT, HOV,  Express).  The person was given a $ 2500 fine.  The law states:  Vehicles  towing  trailers are not allowed in those lanes.  But the “Vehicle” is not specified.  Hanson is trying to get Peach Pass acceptable for those lanes.   The whole thing is on hold until GDOT can be reached, and some clarification established.
  7. HB 38  This is thru the House, went to Senate, and had the  number changed to HB 138.  This bill refers to honorary tags for Veterans.  It is still in force.  There are no calls for action on this.  2/3 of both the House and Senate are up for re-election this year.  So maybe nothing will be done at all on this bill.

  1.  A financial accountability plan has been put in place; we have an new active treasurer
  2. The membership data base has been redone and streamlined
  3. We have had a successful Chili Day at the capitol
  4. Monthly BOD conference calls and monthly EOB conference calls have been initiated to maintain contact with  those most closely connected to the members
  5. State staff is growing, we have added additional support positions
  6. Weve fixed a lot of IT issues. IT is being fixed as problems are being identified.
  7. A stance has been taken against “ colors” discrimination
  8. A successful statewide fundraising ride  has been launched
  9. Awareness of ABATE has been raised via  Facebook, and our awareness continues to grow around the state. ABATE is a lot more visible. 
  10. District 3 was reopened and they are on fire. D11 changed leadership. D5 has grown significantly. D9 has staffed up and is working on safety issues. 

Old Business:

  1. The Spring Swap Meet will be held for the second time at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Raffle prizes have been acquired  (dune buggy, motorcycle, drone, go-pro camera) and  tickets are available at reasonable prices  ; ( $ 10 for one, 25 for 3)  
  2. A new State Trailer has been purchased; it is tastefully  “labeled”, and has space for sponsorship ads to be added.
  3. Ads are available for one side or both sides, and of 2 sizes:  12” X 12”  or 6” X 4”.  Prices are $ 500, or $ 250 respectively, per side. 
  4. All activities planned, and all flyers advertising such activities must be approved by the State Activities Director, 120 days in advance of the activity.  Remember:  ABATE cannot sponsor any money-raising event that will benefit any individual or groups of individuals. We can undertake events to raise funds to benefit the public, but not to benefit individuals.
  1. Executive Board  consists of the Directors of  ABATE ( State, Legislative, Membership, Communications, Activities)  plus the Secretary, Treasurer , Sgt at Arms. These are voted positions (by the whole membership)
  2. State Operations Team (second leg)  consists of the positions of the E Board  plus the Office Manager, Webmaster, Assistant Directors and the Regional Directors. These nonvoted positions are filled by appointment of the State Director, with 2/3 approval from the EBoard.
  3.  The third “leg” of the  organization, the Board of Directors, consists of the Coordinators of each of the Districts.

New Business:

District Reports

At the end of the May 2018  BOD meeting elections will be held. All Executive Board positions are open.  Nominations must be made in writing  (postal mail, e-mail will be accepted) before 31 March 2018.

General discussion: 

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm

Respectfully submitted,   Ann F Turner, Secretary.